“The longer I live, the more deeply I learn that love is the work of mirroring and magnifying each other’s light. Gentle work. Steadfast work. Life-saving work in those moments when life and shame and sorrow occlude our own light from our view, but there is still a clear-eyed loving person to beam it back.”

James Baldwin (Nothing Personal, 1964)

Oi, I'm Laura.

Feelings are my forte.

I am a seeker of deep and authentic connection, not afraid to say the things that others won’t, and a committed advocate for the steadfast work of learning to love yourself, unconditionally.

I am the daughter of immigrants, born between two soils. A first-generation Latiné, originally from the land of the Mbya & Tekohá (Guarani) Indigenous People on the Eastern border of Brasil, also known as Sao Paulo. I now reside on the stolen land of the Piscataway Conoy & Nacotchtank (Anacostan) People, also known as Silver Spring, Maryland. 

Although I am a clinically trained Therapist and Ecotherapist, I have been healing from this training since my formal education ended. My instruction was rooted in settler frameworks, often decontextualized and lacking awareness of intersectional oppression, colonial trauma and how the systems that it breeds intend to keep people, especially marginalized people, suffering.

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I found the absence of this context disturbing. It is like trying to talk about the river without talking about the canyon it created. Or the branch on the ground without the tree that it fell from.

Today, I prioritize relationships, connections and conversations with people who are equally disturbed. You can check out some of those conversations here. Luckily, I am not alone! The growing revolution of anti-oppressive and outspoken therapists aims to decolonize this work in service of you.

I specialize in decolonizing ecotherapy, and feel especially attuned to clients who have experienced harm from previous therapy, or those who feel weary of trusting another therapist with their most sacred parts. I see you and I understand.

As a cisgender, heterosexual, white passing woman of culture with personal experiences of assimilation, internalized oppression, ancestral trauma and unconscious resiliency, I have had this unique experience of noticing how to code-switch between my various languages and identities in the spaces I occupy. It is right within that dance that I have observed the difference of how settler bodies and BIPOC bodies relate to the world around them, including how they relate to their natural world.

Generally speaking, I have noticed that:

Where one is more extractive from nature, the other is more curious about nature.

Where one assumes belonging in nature, the other questions belonging in nature.

Where one seeks to conquer nature, the other seeks to cultivate a relationship with nature.

Our identities inform everything.

Including this context, along with how colonialism has impacted your kin, is an integral part of how we will work together.

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Where I find joy:

On the shorelines of Brasil, onde o morro encontra o mar. (where the mountain meets the sea)

Playing music with my family. 

Sharing a meal with my husband and kids.

In the presence of horses and dogs.

My astrological signs:

Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer Rising

I give thanks to my family and ancestors who encouraged me to turn towards the natural world on my journey towards healing and helping.

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Specialized Training in Ecotherapy

Brainspotting – Level 1

Certified Addictions Certification Level I

Board Approved Supervisor – MD Board of Professional Counselors/Therapists

EAGALA Model Certified for Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)


Undergraduate Degree - University of Colorado at Boulder

Naropa University, MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling w/ focus in Wilderness Therapy

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